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In this course, you will learn how to develop a zoom call/google meet clone application using android studio. The users can create their account using Firebase authentication and their information will be stored in the firebase firestore database and after that, the user will be able to start the meeting and connect with their friends/family. In this app first, the user will create their own account and then there will be a dashboard activity where the user will enter a unique room code and then the user will create/join the video chat room where the user can video chat, screen share and watch youtube videos with their friends etc. What are the features of the application? User login and Signup Beautiful Layouts Complete Video Call Application Private Chat Rooms 75+ Participants in Group Call Video Call Recording Live Youtube Streaming Topics Covered? Splash Screen Constraint Layouts Drawables Intents Firebase Authentication Firebase Firestore Database Video Call SDK Integration You will be learning all of the things right from scratch which means you do not need to have any knowledge of the above topics for taking this course. Prerequisites of this course: The student must know the basics of android studio A little knowledge of Java programming knowledge An internet connection Knows how to use a computer - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So what are you waiting for? join now and start developing this awesome application ( google meet clone || zoom app clone )


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In this section we will see the course introduction and the demo of the application

  • Demo of the application that we will be making 4min 4sec

In this section we will be designing the application

  • Starting our project 7min 53sec
  • Designing our login and sign up pages 20min 55sec

in this section we will have a lecture where we will see how to create the functionalities for a sign up button

  • Creating functionalities for sign up button 7min 30sec

In this section we will integrate the firebase SDK

  • Creating accounts using Firebase authentication 18min 40sec
  • adding user information to the cloud firestore 13min 15sec

In this section, we will complete our application by adding the video call SDK

  • Designing the dashboard activity 16min 26sec
  • Adding the video call SDK and finishing up the application 28min 9sec
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Mohammed khan

Full stack developer

Expert in programming with 6 years of experience


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