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In this course, we will learn all the that are required to become a complete indie game developer Note: We will be learning everything from scratch and this is an early access course meaning the course contents are constantly updated over the time So, even if you do not have any knowledge at all then that's completely fine :) Learn the basic concepts, tools, and functions that you will need to build fully functional Android mobile Games with the Unity game engine. Build a strong foundation in Unity and Android Game Development with this course. Unity installation and setup Overview of the unity software C# crash course Version controlling and much more stuff We will learn how to make 2D and 3D games by making them. We will also be making the clone of the game Hill Climb Racing 2D and many more 2D games. These are the things that we will see in the course:(the course will be constantly updated): Installing of unity overview c# scripting -completely from scratch Make a 3D game Monetizing our game Uploading the game to Google play store a 2D game Hill climb racing game Space elevator game Tips on how to get downloads to the apps that you have uploaded. Who is this course for? Anyone who wants to learn how to make games Indie game developers Game Developers Game enthusiasts Unity developers So what are you waiting for guys? Join now and become the best Unity game developer :) See you all in the course ;)


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In this section we will be seeing about the introduction of unity game development

  • Why Unity? 6min 16sec

in this section we will see everything about unity software

  • How to install Unity 6min 47sec
  • Unity software overview 10min 4sec
  • Unity Scripting Overview 12min 40sec

In this section we will be learning everything about all the basics of C#

  • C# scripting Overview 5min 39sec
  • Understanding our very First C# Script 9min 30sec
  • Variables and Data types in C# 7min 53sec
  • Awakes and start functions 3min 33sec
  • Functions in C# 9min 35sec
  • Destroy Function in Unity 3min 39sec
  • if else conditions 6min 50sec
  • The concepts of Loops 2min 2sec
  • While loop 4min 3sec
  • For loop 3min 28sec
  • arrays in C# 4min 32sec
  • Vectors and transforms in Unity 11min 2sec
  • Moving using Vectors 3min 10sec
  • what is transform.Translate 2min 58sec
  • What is transform.Rotate 1min 28sec
  • Increase the size of the game object 2min 27sec
  • game tags in unity 5min 19sec
  • Access Specifiers 1min 44sec
  • Prefabs, Instantiate and Materials 16min 23sec
  • RigidBody Physics and collision 12min 41sec

In this section we will be making our very first game with the knowledge that we have gained from the previous section

  • Designing our game 11min 30sec
  • Player Movement 18min 42sec
  • moving our object using Input Class 8min 15sec
  • Moving our object using the touch of our finger 14min 40sec
  • Prefabs and spawning our objects randomly 21min 45sec
  • Invoke Repeating method in unity 6min 30sec
  • Infinite Platform generation 27min 6sec
  • Destroying game objects 21min 21sec
  • Adding VFX,Scene Mangar and assigning new Materials 21min 37sec
  • adding a skybox 6min 29sec
  • Score logic and adding score into our game 5min 12sec
  • PlayerPrefs and highscore logic 22min 50sec
  • Onclick functions to the buttons 7min 29sec
  • Onclick functions to the buttons 7min 29sec

In this section we will learn how to monetize our application

  • Monetizing our game 23min 7sec

In this section we will be uploading our game to the google play store

  • Uploading our game to the play store 10min 13sec

In this section we will be making a cube slider game

  • Cube slider game setup 9min 23sec
  • Moving the box left and right 10min 29sec
  • completing our game 42min 4sec
  • Adding gameover condition 9min 19sec
  • Adding pause screen into our game 11min 0sec

In this section we will be making hill climb racing game clone

  • Let's start making the game 2min 59sec
  • Designing our car 9min 42sec
  • Adding wheeljoint2D to our car 2min 47sec
  • adding an engine to our car 8min 7sec
  • Adding torque to our car 1min 42sec
  • Using the cinemachine camera 7min 45sec
  • adding fuel system to our car 16min 20sec

In this section we will be learning about version controlling using github

  • Introduction to version controlling 3min 29sec
  • Creating a repository on github 5min 6sec
  • Making push and pull request 13min 59sec

In this section we will learn everything about UI design

  • Introduction to U.I 23min 29sec
  • Making the color transitions 2min 50sec
  • Controlling the volume in the game 9min 9sec

in this section we will be learning everything about marketing

  • Naming your application 2min 29sec
  • Tips on how to get downloads 5min 30sec

In this section we will be creating a 3D runner game

  • Introduction to bridge runner 3D 3min 9sec
  • Importing Assets and exploring Unity asset store 18min 42sec
  • Creating our own Animator 19min 54sec
  • moving our character forward 13min 16sec
  • Adding all the animations 3min 43sec
  • Detecting swipe control 17min 43sec
  • Adding behavior according to swipe 16min 10sec
  • Adding Impulsive force 24min 43sec
  • Platform spawner script 12min 47sec
  • fixing bugs and algorithms 11min 0sec
  • Making more prefabs for our game 49min 15sec
  • Generating water infinitely 14min 2sec
  • Adding cinemachine camera 21min 26sec
  • creating our pause screen 23min 22sec
  • Creating our main menu screen 6min 22sec
  • Adding skybox and increasing the speed eventually 53min 14sec
  • How to generate an apk from unity 2min 59sec
  • Destroying objects that aren't used 6min 34sec
  • Monetizing our game using Unity ads 23min 7sec
  • Uploading our game to the google play store 8min 26sec
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